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  • What Is Symmetric Key Cryptography?

    What Is Symmetric Key Cryptography?

    Symmetric key cryptography (or symmetric encryption) is a type of encryption scheme in which the same key is used both to encrypt and decrypt messages. Such a method of encoding information has been largely used in the past decades to facilitate secret communication between governments and militaries. Nowadays, symmetric key algorithms are widely applied in various types of computer systems to enhance data security.

    How does symmetric encryption work?

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Proof of Keys Day

    The Ultimate Guide to Proof of Keys Day

    Keeping your private keys safe and secure is essential to ensure financial independence. Unfortunately, many cryptocurrency investors trust their money to be left solely on exchanges. But this practice is far from being safe because the exchanges have full control over the cryptocurrency deposits.

    Since the early days of Bitcoin, billions were lost due to exchange hacks and scams. The hack of the Mt. Gox exchange in 2014 is one of the most famous and controversial cases, and it’s...
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